Featured This Month

A New Era of Innovation in Agriculture

farm production

An unprecedented wave of innovation is giving Syngenta the capability to meet the 21st century needs of growers and resellers.

Targeting Yield and Quality

research & development

CRISPR-Cas has the potential to make the seed breeding process more efficient, less time consuming and potentially subject to less regulation.

The Future of Wheat Hybrids

research & development

Hybrid wheat is expected to offer higher yield potential and more efficient use of resources.

FarmShots Makes Detecting Production Issues Easier

farm production

FarmShots uses satellite technology to assess crop health, helping growers manage their fields more efficiently.

The Attribute Trait Stack Simplifies Growing Sweet Corn

farm production

The Syngenta Attribute trait stack is giving field corn growers easier entry into the sweet corn market.

Broadband Internet in Rural Areas Is Essential

public policy

As farming moves rapidly into the digital age, the need for faster, more reliable broadband access in rural areas grows.