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Product Overview

Vibrance® Cinco seed treatment contains five powerful fungicides with five active ingredients and five modes of action in one jug for the most consistent and comprehensive seed-applied disease protection on the market today. 

Bolt-on Yield Potential

Designed specifically for corn, independent trials prove this seed treatment consistently out yields commercial standards to deliver a demonstrated bolt-on yield increase of two bushels per acre, which increases to 6.7 bushels per acre under heavy disease pressure.

Outperforms the Competition

During 2017 field testing across 24 environments, Vibrance Cinco out yielded the new Acceleron® corn fungicide package that contains metalaxyl, fluoxastrobin and prothioconazole by 3.27 Bu/AC with a 71% win record. 

This yield advantage results from the powerful disease protection Vibrance Cinco offers, which leads to maximum root development, emergence, stand establishment, above-ground plant development and, ultimately, yield optimization.


Product Highlights

  • Lower use rate makes it easy to apply to the seed 

  • Helps increase consistency of performance 

  • Easy-to-apply one jug solution 

  • Provides superior control of Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium

  • Higher yield potential versus competitors demonstrated year after year across independent trials 

  • Sustainable tool for resistance management 

  • Broad-spectrum disease protection 

  • Its components will be the same next year as they are this year 

Complements Cruiser or Fortenza Insecticide Seed Treatments

Vibrance Cinco can be combined with Cruiser® and/or Fortenza® insecticide seed treatments or Avicta® nematicide seed treatment for comprehensive disease and pest protection. Vibrance Cinco plus Cruiser provides excellent control of all three of the most damaging corn diseases and an excellent visual vigor rating compared to Acceleron Standard, which only provides excellent control of one of the top three corn diseases.

Efficacy based on Syngenta studies using labeled rate of active ingredients.


Download Supporting Vibrance Cinco Documents

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Vibrance Cinco Brochure(PDF)


Jul 25, 2018

Syngenta receives EPA registration for Vibrance® Cinco fungicide seed treatment for corn

Vibrance® Cinco fungicide seed treatment from Syngenta has received registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on corn to guard against the most damaging seed- and soil-borne diseases, including Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.Read more »

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