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Vibrance Fungicide Seed Treatment

 Enhance RootingPower through long-lasting disease protection

Product Overview

Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide is formulated to boost a crop’s RootingPower™ by delivering enhanced disease protection, leading to improved performance in more than 18 different crops.

Higher Crop Performance Right from the Start

More and more research has pointed to root health as the key to increasing crop productivity. As a part of an ongoing commitment to root health and pest defense, Syngenta Seedcare™ scientists have analyzed the interactions between roots, diseases, moisture efficiency and nutrient utilization, and found that sedaxane, the active ingredient in Vibrance, boosts each plants’ RootingPower leading to optimized crop performance and maximum yield potential from the start of planting.

We offer growers a family of seed treatment solutions all containing the unique ingredient, Vibrance, that goes beyond disease protection to boost a crop’s RootingPower leading to improved yield potential.

Emerging seeds graphic
Vibrance protects seeds and emerging seedlings from Rhizoctonia by creating a “halo of protection” around the seed and root system.
Healthier Roots graphic
The built-in RootingPower of Vibrance leads to more powerful, healthier roots.
Root systems graphic
Robust root systems efficiently absorb and utilize moisture and nutrients, improving crop performance.
Environmental stress graphic
This enables plants to withstand environmental stresses.
Stand establishment graphic
And allows faster germination and emergence, improving stand establishment.
Maximum yield graphic
Greater stands lead to maximum yield potential year after year.

Seed treatments protect a grower’s seed investment and the value of traits and genetics by protecting the plant when it is most vulnerable: the first 3 to 4 weeks after planting. Root development, if slowed by disease during this critical growth stage, may never be regained; protect roots for maximum moisture and nutrient uptake. Vibrance helps ensure yield consistency under a broad range of conditions by protecting genetic yield potential and enabling crops to better withstand environmental stresses.

Download Supporting Vibrance Documents

201714620171012171624_CMVBsell sheet.jpg PDF
CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans Sell Sheet(PDF)
201795220171012204831_CMVB thumbnail3.jpg PDF
CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans Competitor Brochure(PDF)
2016280201696232616_rhizoctonia-th.jpg PDF
Rhizoctonia: A Hidden Menace(PDF)
2016980201696232755_vibrance-extreme-th.jpg PDF
Vibrance Extreme Brochure(PDF)
201652201696233950_avicta-complete-corn-th.jpg PDF
Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance Brochure(PDF)
201620920161220215832_CM-Vibrance-Potato-th.jpg PDF
CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato Brochure(PDF)
201682420169623276_vibrance-sugarbeets-th.jpg PDF
Vibrance for Sugarbeets Brochure(PDF)
20176862017810202345_Pulse Crops.jpg PDF
Vibrance Maxx for Pulse Crops Brochure(PDF)
20175112017810202416_Cotton Plus.jpg PDF
Avicta Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance Brochure(PDF)

Vibrance Brands

Vibrance is formulated to boost a crop’s RootingPower by delivering enhanced disease protection that leads to stronger and more robust root systems that increase moisture and nutrient uptake, leading to improved crop performance in more than 18 different crops.

Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance
Offers triple protection against nematodes, insects and diseases for superior early-season pest protection.
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CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals
Enhances root health, expands disease protection and defends against insects in wheat and barley.
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CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance
Offers best-in-class insect protection and delivers systemic root protection against certain seedborne, soilborne and foliar diseases.
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Cruisermaxx Vibrance corn
Protects against seedborne and soilborne diseases and early-season insects, leading to increased plant stand, uniformity, vigor and yield.
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Education & Resources

Vibrance Interactive Infographic
Vibrance Interactive Infographic
Learn more about the impact of Rhizoctonia on corn, soybeans and wheat crops.
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Vibrance Learning Module
Vibrance Learning Module Learn more about the importance of healthy root systems and the benefits Vibrance brand seed treatments bring to corn, soybean and wheat crops.
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Seedcare Application and Resource Center
Seedcare Application and Resource Center
Quickly and conveniently access Seedcare information and services.
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Seedcare Catalog
Seedcare Catalog
Long-lasting protection of entire root system under wide range of environmental conditions.
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