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Vibrance Seed Treatment

Formulated to boost a crop’s RootingPower™, Vibrance® delivers long-lasting disease protection, leading to improved performance in over 18 different crops. Vibrance is effective against certain smut diseases in cereal grains and seed and seedling blight or damping-off caused by seed- and soilborne pathogens including Rhizoctonia.

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    Product Benefits

    More and more research has pointed to root health as the key to increasing crop productivity. As a part of an ongoing commitment to root health and pest defense, Syngenta Seedcare™ scientists have analyzed the interactions between roots, diseases, moisture efficiency and nutrient utilization.

    Seed treatments protect a grower’s seed investment and the value of traits and genetics by protecting the plant when it is most vulnerable: the first 3 to 4 weeks after planting. Root development, if slowed by disease during this critical growth stage, may never be regained. We offer growers a family of seed treatment solutions all containing the unique active ingredient in Vibrance, sedaxane, that goes beyond disease protection to boost a crop’s RootingPower, leading to improved yield potential.

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    Vibrance protects seeds and emerging seedlings from Rhizoctonia by creating a “halo of protection” around the seed and root system.
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    The built-in RootingPower of Vibrance leads to more powerful, healthier roots.
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    Robust root systems efficiently absorb and utilize moisture and nutrients, improving crop performance.
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    This enables plants to withstand environmental stresses.
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    And allows faster germination and emergence, improving stand establishment.
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    Greater stands lead to maximum yield potential year after year.

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