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Product Overview

When damaging lepidopteran pests threaten crops, why depend on less than the world’s most powerful active ingredient? With Proclaim® insecticide, growers know their vegetables, pome fruit and tree nuts are getting long-lasting protection without having to worry about harming beneficials. This excellent control means tough pests – like armyworms, pinworms, diamondback moths, fruitworms and leafrollers – have met their match. So why risk it? Reach for reliability – reach for Proclaim.

Product Highlights

  • Rapidly absorbed into the leaf
  • Excellent control of damaging lepidopteran pests
  • Outstanding rotation partner due to novel mode of action
  • Low use rates
  • Application flexibility to fit any operation
  • Rainfast once dry
  • Easy on beneficials
  • Long residual control due to translaminar movement into leaf

Download Supporting Proclaim Documents

Proclaim Almonds Quick Reference Guide(PDF)
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