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Rootworm Control,

Force® Evo insecticide delivers proven corn rootworm control in a liquid formulation that's much easier to use.

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Force Evo Insecticide

An enhanced formulation for improved handling and convenience, Force® Evo liquid corn insecticide delivers superior control of corn rootworm and other early-season insect pests.

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    Product Benefits


    Force Evo is a risk management decision offering peace of mind on every acre.

    Syngenta Corn Insecticide Force Evo Chart

    • Contains the same trusted active ingredient, tefluthrin as in Force CS and delivers the same superior performance

    • Trials show Force insecticides consistently outperform other corn insecticides for control of CRW and other early-season pests leading to improved root growth, better nutrient uptake and improved yields

    • When used on top of CRW traits (single or double stack), trials show Force delivers an average yield increase of ~10 bu/A, and typically Force will deliver an even greater return on investment when used on conventional, non-traited corn.

    • Force helps increase yield even in the absence of CRW because even early-season pests like white grubs, wireworms and seedcorn maggots can cause more economic damage to developing roots.


    We overhauled the Force Evo formulation to give you an improved user experience.

    • Four times lower viscosity provides better cold weather tolerance and freeze-thaw performance for improved insecticide pumping and flowability

    • Demonstrated to be compatible with 46 liquid starter fertilizers, allowing hassle-free use through your existing closed injection application system

    • Four to six times less residue buildup on equipment surfaces for easier equipment cleanout

    • Works with existing application systems from John Deere and Raven, and facilitates easy-to-load setup, speed and efficiency

      • Formulation enhancements combined with easy-to-load packaging help expedite the planting process, allowing growers to complete planting with fewer delays

      • Can be used in field corn, popcorn, seed corn and sweet corn

      • Can be applied in-furrow or as a T-band

    See the Formulation Enhancements

    The performance you trust now available in a convenient formulation you’ve been waiting for.

    Force Evo Comparison Corn Insecticide Force Evo Comparison
    Better flowability
    Less residue

    Better Flowability

    We made the Force Evo formulation flow better so you will have hassle-free planting with no delays. This photo shows the superior flowability of Force Evo (left) to the thicker Force CS formulation (right).

    Less Residue

    Your time is valuable so we enhanced the formulation to leave less residue, making it easier for you to clean out your equipment and move on to the next task at hand. This photo shows Force Evo (left) vs. Force CS (right), and the residue difference on the walls of these vials after they were inverted several times.


    Don’t Underestimate the Pest

    Corn rootworm is a tiny pest that can take a big bite out of a farm’s bottom line. Corn rootworm pressure can vary from year to year and location to location, but this resilient pest is highly adaptable and can wreak havoc even when least expected. Each year it costs U.S. corn growers more than $1 billion, so it’s important to have a highly effective insecticide to control the pest before it damages corn.


    Bob Wieland
    Laura, Illinois

    Bob Wieland

    Normally I had extreme difficulty getting the starter fertilizer to run through by itself, but the Force Evo formulation worked absolutely beautifully. It’s just a must-use insecticide, there’s no way around it.


    Mike Geurts
    Marshall, Minnesota

    Mike Geurts

    Force Evo is much more equipment-friendly. The machine doesn’t have to work so hard to pump. It flows easier, so it makes it better to mix into the fertilizer.


    David Keffeler
    Remsen, Iowa

    Mike Geurts

    In 2017, we had the most corn rootworm pressure I’ve seen since 2012 and 2013 but we didn’t have one problem on any of our corn-on-corn acres where we used Force Evo.



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