Force 6.5G - Insecticide | Syngenta

Superior corn rootworm control in a high-load granular formulation

20% lighter, treats 175% more acres with 50% less dust than Force 3G 

Product Overview

Force 6.5G is a high-load granular insecticide designed for growers who want control of corn rootworm and other soil-dwelling insect pests with enhanced convenience. This formulation goes farther and results in fewer stops to refill insecticide boxes, which allows faster, more efficient planting with less hassle.

Product Benefits

Force 6.5G contains the same active ingredient, tefluthrin, as Force 3G, so it will deliver the same superior root protection, and maximized yield potential when used on conventional corn or CRW traits (single or double stack). 

The Force 6.5G formulation provides significant benefits over Force 3G:

  • 20% lighter bags cover 175% more acres

    • Fewer bags to store, handle and load

  • Enables a more efficient planting process

  • 50% lower dust formulation


Lower Dust Formulation

Force 6.5G resulted in significantly reduced dust-off compared to Force 3G and Aztec® 4.67G.











Fewer Bags

Force 6.5G has the lowest per acre rate of formulated product in the granular bag segment.


Download Supporting Force 6.5G Documents

2018796201882114591_ForceProductBenefits.png PDF
Force 6.5G Product Benefits Sell Sheet(PDF)
20188832018821145816_Force6Equipment.png PDF
Force 6.5G Equipment Applications Sell Sheet(PDF)

Don't Underestimate the Pest

Corn rootworm is a tiny pest that can take a big bite out of a farm’s bottom line. Corn rootworm pressure can vary from year to year and location to location, but this resilient pest is highly adaptable and can wreak havoc even when least expected. Each year it costs U.S. corn growers more than $1 billion, so it’s important to have a highly effective insecticide to control the pest before it damages corn.  


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