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Talinor Herbicide

Talinor® is a post-emergence herbicide that provides quicker, more efficient knockdown of tough broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.

Watch the video below to hear Cereals Herbicide Product Lead Brent Lackey answer growers' top questions about applying Talinor in their fields.

Active Ingredients:

bicyclopyrone, bromoxynil

Resistance Management:

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    Product Benefits

    Josh Anderson
    Rugby, ND

    Josh Anderson

    My most problematic weed is kochia. I had a field where I sprayed a portion with Huskie® Complete and another portion with Talinor tank mixed with Axial Star. The Huskie laid down the kochia for a while but you could see to the line where Talinor annihilated the kochia. After seeing that, I’m pretty sold on it. It works.


    Mark Birdsall
    Stanley, ND

    Mark Birdsall

    We had some heavy weed pressure so we used Talinor on our barley for the complete, broad-spectrum weed control it offers and its application window. We’re very happy with the job it did. It provided quick and thorough control compared to the marginal weed control we got from different herbicides in other fields so we were really happy with it. 


    Martin Marler
    Colfax, Washington

    Martin Marler

    I’m very pleased with the quick response that Talinor had on my dogfennel this year and I also like that I can tank mix with it with few restrictions. It makes my job easier because it does my job for me. I already told my dealer to order me plenty of Talinor for next year for both my winter and spring wheat crops.


    Artie Harber
    Dayton, Washington

    Artie Harber

    With Talinor, we’ve seen exceptional speed of kill. Speed of kill is important because as the weeds get bigger, they are more difficult to kill. I noticed at seven days after application that we had severe yellowing and at 14 days after application, we had completely desiccated carcasses of Mayweed chamomile.


    Protect Against Resistant Weeds with Talinor + Axial

    Multiple modes of action are key to one-pass weed control in wheat and barley. For a complete, efficient solution, growers can tank-mix Talinor with Axial® XL or Axial Star herbicides for a one-pass weed control with multiple modes of action to help manage resistant weeds. 

    Axial Star

    Axial XL

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