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Product Overview

Sierra™ herbicide helps manage the complexity of weed control in wheat by controlling the toughest weeds, providing a resistance management tool and offering customized weed control solutions. Sierra helps maximize yield through timely weed control. With its residual activity, Sierra can stop early-season weed competition and keep fields cleaner longer.

Product Highlights

  • Resistance management tool to help control ACCase-resistant weeds
  • Broad-spectrum control of a wide range of yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds
  • Residual activity keeps multiple flushes of weeds in check
  • Tank-mix flexibility for customized, one-pass weed control
  • Built-in safener technology provides enhanced crop safety in spring, winter and durum wheat

Download Supporting Sierra Documents

2016352016718181147_Sierra-Data-Sheet.jpg PDF
Sierra Data Sheet(PDF)
20162422016718181125_Sierra-Technical.jpg PDF
Sierra Technical Bulletin(PDF)
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