Reglone - Herbicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US

Product Overview

For easier harvests with better quality potatoes, growers rely on the performance of Reglone® desiccant. The steady vine killing action of Reglone keeps growers in control of potato development, allowing tubers to bulk up while vines go down. Reglone allows potatoes to develop a firm skin set, protecting harvest quality for optimal yield. Plus, Reglone simplifies harvest by eliminating troublesome vines and weeds. Don’t leave potato harvests to chance – control them, with Reglone.

Product Highlights

  • Enables growers to plan and control harvest timing with rapid desiccation
  • Flexible application methods through conventional ground or aerial sprayers
  • Consistent performance in any weather
  • Doesn’t leave harmful soil residues behind
  • Reduces transmission of late-season viral and fungal diseases
  • Quick, 30-minute rainfastness
  • Allows for a more efficient harvest
  • Promotes better skin set, better bulking and better control of tuber size
  • Convenient water-soluble formulation
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