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Product Overview

Rave® herbicide offers the key to flexible weed control. A selective post-emergence herbicide, it controls more than 70 broadleaf weeds in all types of wheat and barley. With two modes of action, Rave delivers quick, season-long weed control and makes an effective resistance management tool. Rave can be used in top-dress applications and can be tank mixed with other herbicides to customize weed control to field needs.

Product Highlights

  • Fast knockdown while controlling weeds all season for clean fields
  • Control of more than 70 tough broadleaf weeds and flexible tank-mix options to meet field needs
  • Simple and effective weed control with low use rates
  • Ready-to-use formulation and excellent crop safety
  • Application with top-dress fertilizer helps reduce trips across the field and saves on fuel and labor

Download Supporting Rave Documents

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Rave Cereals Laminated Use Guide(PDF)
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