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Product Overview

Uniform® fungicide, a pre-mix formulation of Quadris® and Ridomil Gold® fungicides, provides first class systemic and protectant control of yield-robbing diseases. Uniform controls all three phases of disease – seed rot, pre-emergent seedling rot and post-emergent damping off. As a result, this broad-spectrum pre-mix provides control of many soil-borne diseases, including Rhizoctonia and Pythium seedling disease.

For fields with high to severe disease pressure, recurrent disease pressure or replanting history, Uniform can help establish a healthy and consistent stand, ensuring a positive return on investment.

Product Highlights

  • Controls many soilborne diseases, such as Rhizoctonia (including soreshin) and Pythium seedling diseases.
  • Provides systemic and contact curative activity.
  • Helps prevent yield-limiting root damage and pruning.
  • Conveniently packaged in a pre-mix solution.
  • Promotes uniform emergence and improved seedling growth and vigor.
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