Scholar SC - Fungicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US

Product Overview

For packers and shippers who demand value and profitability through improved fruit quality, Scholar® SC fungicide is the answer. Scholar SC has proven quality preservation benefits, providing broad-spectrum disease control that protects fruit quality during storage and shipment. By using Scholar SC, packers reduce the risk of losing profits and customers due to poor fruit quality. To improve fruit quality and profitability through postharvest decay control, use Scholar SC.

Product Highlights

  • Provides the broadest spectrum of postharvest disease control
  • Compatible with DPA (drenching) and fruit coatings/waxes (line sprays) that are commonly used in packing lines
  • Controls sporulation, reducing the spread of disease in the packinghouse and during shipment
  • Protects packer investment by extending the shelf life and marketability of fruit
  • Has a unique mode of action – no other preharvest or postharvest fungicide has the same mode of action as Scholar SC
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