Ridomil Gold GR - Fungicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US

Product Overview

When crops demand a super-active granular fungicide, Ridomil Gold® GR fungicide is the answer. Applied as a banded or broadcast application, Ridomil Gold GR provides improved plant health and vigor to citrus, cotton, leafy vegetables, non-bearing deciduous fruits and nuts, and peanuts with protection from damaging soil-borne diseases caused by Phytophthora and Pythium. Use Ridomil Gold GR to protect crops from the beginning and stop infection before it starts.

Product Highlights

  • Provides excellent, long-lasting residual disease control
  • Provides systemic control of soil-borne diseases Phytophthora and Pythium
  • Super-active granular fungicide
  • Fits into integrated pest management programs
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