Ridomil Gold Copper - Fungicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US

Product Overview

Ridomil Gold® Copper fungicide provides long-lasting foliar disease control that growers can depend on. A combination of the proven fungicide Ridomil Gold and copper hydroxide, Ridomil Gold Copper protects crops from disease before infection starts – preserving yield and quality and promoting enhanced crop vigor. With flexible application methods, Ridomil Gold Copper provides reliable control of a variety of diseases in vegetables, grapes, potatoes and some fruits.

Product Highlights

  • Super active foliar fungicide with dual mode of action
  • Excellent control of diseases caused by downy mildew, Pythiums and Phytophthoras on a variety of crops
  • Conveniently packaged in water-soluble bags
  • Long-lasting residual disease control
  • Application method flexibility
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