Ridomil Gold Bravo SC - Fungicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

To protect the quality and value of vegetables and potatoes, growers trust Ridomil Gold® Bravo® SC fungicide. A user-friendly liquid premix, Ridomil Gold Bravo SC offers growers the reliable disease protection expected from Ridomil Gold and Bravo fungicides. Ridomil Gold Bravo SC provides protection on the surface and within the plant to protect crops from the inside out. Plus, Ridomil Gold Bravo SC uses Weather Stik® technology to ensure protection no matter the weather.

Product Highlights

  • Liquid formulation for easy mixing
  • Provides all-over disease control with systemic movement
  • Combination of two trusted products for optimal disease protection
  • Formulated to provide constant disease protection, even in adverse weather
  • Flexible application methods

Download Supporting Ridomil Gold Bravo SC Documents

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