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Product Overview

Growers can utilize Quadris Top® SB fungicide to help increase yield, maximize return on investment and help plants manage environmental stress. Plants are better able to reach their full genetic yield potential due to effects from Quadris Top SB on some key physiological processes in plants. This enables them to withstand environmental stress, such as drought and high temperatures.

Help Make Soybean Acres More Profitable with Quadris Top SB

  • Offers physiological benefits and boosts yields an average of 4-8 bu/A
  • Impacts plant growth to produce larger beans, fuller pods and improved pod retention for better soybean harvests
  • Combines 2 active ingredients to deliver effective disease control and resistance management
  • Offers preventive and curative disease control
  • Tank mixes with Endigo® ZC insecticide to target yield-robbing insects, and is proven to enhance yields and provide growers consistent returns



Nick Nagle“Quadris Top SB fungicide helps the moisture management of the soybean, and we get a yield bump from that. It’s part of our management now – to apply it when it’s dry or wet, disease pressure or not.”


Dennis Dempsey, Grower, Quincey, IL


Nick Nagle"Quadris Top SB provides excellent disease control. Typically, we deal with a lot of frogeye leaf spot, so when this product came on the market, I think it excited everybody that we had a new opportunity to fight that pathogen. This is probably the first time in my career that I have actually seen green leaves from the bottom of the canopy all the way to the top. So it was exciting to see that kind of systemic control."


Aaron Carroll, Retailer, Scottsburg, IN


Download Supporting Quadris Top SB Documents

Quadris Top SB trifold(PDF)
Quadris Top SB Soybeans Sheet(PDF)
Quadris Top SB Infographic Sell Sheet(PDF)
Quadris Top SB Infographic Poster(PDF)
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