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Get a Head Start on Head Scab.

With the power to control scab as early as 50% head emergence, Miravis Ace is a fungicide like no other.

Product Details

Miravis Ace Fungicide

The first of its kind for Fusarium head blight (head scab) control, Miravis® Ace fungicide gives growers more time and a better way to manage this yield-robbing disease. Powered by the highest performing SDHI, Adepidyn® fungicide, and propiconazole, growers can make applications as early as 50 percent head emergence through flowering and get better control than older fungicides.

Active Ingredients:

Pydiflumetofen, Propiconazole

Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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    Product Benefits

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    There is no room for error when fighting head scab

    Miravis Ace offers improved potency and residual control that allows applications as early as 50% head emergence and maximizes on-time coverage of fields. With Miravis Ace, growers can experience the freedom of being able to more accurately plan and manage disease.


    Miravis Ace applied at 50% head emergence

    Miravis® Ace


    Vero Beach, 2016
    Prosaro is not labeled for use at 50 percent head emergence, and no recommendation or suggestion for use at this timing is being made. Photo is intended solely for comparison at this application timing with Miravis Ace, which is labeled for use as early as 50 percent head emergence.


    Head scab control at flowering





    Miravis® Ace

    Langdon, ND 2017


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