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Miravis Fungicide

The new normal for peanut disease management

Miravis® fungicide is the most innovative, operation-changing fungicide in a generation. Registered for use on peanuts, Miravis contains Adepidyn® fungicide, the highest-performing SDHI mode of action available to growers. See how Miravis will radically change how peanut growers control disease.



Miravis Provides Better Disease Control

Miravis delivers game-changing potency and up to 28 days between applications for leaf spot— doubling the spray interval during peak risk period for typical disease pressure and greatly improving efficacy under extreme disease pressure. In the past, growers may have worried about sacrificing leaf spot protection for white mold control. When combined with Elatus® fungicide, growers can feel confident they have achieved exceptional white mold and leaf spot control in their peanuts.

Miravis fungicide:

  • Gives growers a more flexible and durable disease management program by providing extended residual control of leaf spots, even under heavy pressure

  • Complements the proven performance of Elatus fungicide, helping to significantly increase yield and ROI potential

  • Controls pepper spot and web blotch, and provides suppression of Sclerotina blight

  • Is within the FRAC 7 group

  • Delivers high potency and durability

  • Remains stable on the leaf surface for even distribution and consistent protection


See the Difference with Miravis

Superior leaf spot control

Comparison photo of peanut that is untreated, uses Adepidyn fungicide and uses Priaxor®

   University of Georgia Research Center, Tifton, GA – 2016.
   Each applied at 56 and 84 days after planting. No other products applied.


Miravis ®



   Georgia, 2017. Photos taken Sept. 26, 2017 (14 days prior to harvest).

Miravis and Elatus five-spray programs vs. traditional six- and seven-spray programs

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Leaf spot severity - miravis
Peanut Yield
right arrow
Miravis offers superior control of late-season leaf spot
Increase peanut yields with Miravis


May 24, 2018

Syngenta announces EPA registration of game-changing fungicide Adepidyn®

Syngenta announced today its latest carboxamide fungicide (SDHI mode of action) – Adepidyn – has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Read more »

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