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Enogen Feed Corn

Improve profit potential with corn hybrids that energize your operation.

About Enogen Feed Corn

Offering proven genetics and strong agronomic characteristics in the field and a step-change in starch and sugar availability in the ration, Enogen Feed hybrids help provide more available energy to feedlot or dairy cattle.

Benefits in the Field

Enogen Feed hybrids offer proven genetics and traits for excellent yield potential. With the flexibility to harvest for grain or chop for silage and no additional agronomic challenges — unlike some silage-specific hybrids — they are a valuable addition to your farming operation.

Unlock the Energy Potential of Your Beef Ration


Energy is a key component in maximizing beef production and corn is an important energy source. When fed as grain or silage, Enogen Feed corn helps convert starch to sugar more efficiently and rapidly during the digestive process providing more readily available energy to feeder cattle. Download the beef-focused Enogen Feed brochure and PowerPoint to learn more about how this unique hybrid can benefit your feedlot.

Energize Your Dairy Ration with the Right Corn Hybrid


More available energy and improved fiber digestibility means greater profit potential for your dairy operation. Enogen Feed silage maximizes starch and sugar availability to provide more available energy, while providing improved fiber digestibility for improved intake. Learn more about how Enogen Feed hybrids can improve your dairy operation in the downloadable brochure and PowerPoint.



Enogen Feed growers must comply with specific, yet simple stewardship requirements. Contact your Syngenta representative for applicable stewardship requirements.

Additional Resources

UNL Beef Report - Finishing Cattle Performance

Cattle performance is measured with Enogen Feed corn* and compared against commercially available grain.

UNL Beef Report - Digestion

Starch digestion is measured in Enogen Feed corn* and compared against commercially available grain.

UNL Beef Report – Dry-Rolled Corn

Enogen Feed corn* is processed as dry-rolled corn and compared against commercially available grain.

*Enogen Feed corn is referred to as Enhanced Feed Corn throughout the University of Nebraska Beef Report

Enogen Feed hybrids are available from select Golden Harvest Seed Advisors and NK seed retailers.